‘Fun Ka Booster’: Chupa Chups aims to unshackle the inner kid in teenagers

Chupa Chups, a Sweetmeat brand from the place of Perfetti Van Melle, has revealed its new advanced mission ‘Fun Ka Booster’ which is established in its way of thinking of ‘Fun is for life, and not just for kids’. Through this mission, the brand intends to free the ‘internal child’ in adolescents as they experience the pressure of ‘ adulting ‘ in their day by day lives.

The brand has dispatched two computerized just movies that feature fun and suddenness. The movies depend on little emphasis focuses that the heroes face in regular day to day existence, yet can deal with cool self-control, propelled by Chupa Chups.

Chupa Chups is a Spanish brand of candy and other sweet shops sold in more than 150 nations around the globe. The brand was recognized in 1958 by Enric Bernat and is owned by the Italian-Dutch global corporation Perfetti Van Melle. The name of the brand comes from the Spanish action word chupar, signifying “to suck”

Director marketing, Ogilvy-North, Ritu Sharda said that the period of web-based media has squeezed adolescents today. On top of their evaluations, extracurriculars, homework… they likewise need to consider how well known they are, the number of devotees they have, the number of stories they’re putting on their channels. Here is the place where we discovered space as a brand to advise these adolescents to simply have a great time and take the heap off. The brand of fun we underwrite is contemptuous — not detracting from the incredible effect adolescents today will have on the universe of tomorrow however asking them to completely appreciate whatever they are doing with a ‘Chupa Chups’ wind.

Chief creative officer of Perfetti Van Melle India, Rohit Kapoor said that taking advantage of experiences applicable to the present adolescents, Chupa Chups’ the ‘FunKaBooster’ lobby urges teenagers to relinquish the weight of adulting by ingraining some disrespectful fun into their lives. We accept that this mission will build the brand pertinence of Chupa Chups and help take the brand to more noteworthy statures.

(This article was originally published in Passionate in Marketing.)

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