Maggie Unveils The Secret Ingredient — ‘Masala-ae-Magic’

Maggi is very popular in India as an instant noodle snack. But now it becomes more than that. Nestle brand is selling many more varieties other than instant noodles. They have come up with instant pasta, cup noodles, tomato ketchup, and cooking aids. Nestle expanded their product line to bring out more customers. Nestle is trying to create ads for the less popular products other than noodles. We all know the position of noodles in the Indian market. It is satisfied the flavors of Indians and developed a special space Indian market. Nestle is a multinational food company drink processing conglomerate corporation. Maggi is a food product coming under the product line of Nestle.

‘Masala -ae-Magic” is introduced through new ad of Nestlee which is featuring Shweta Tiwari. It is a very simple ad that portrays the relationship between Maggi and the Indian kitchen. The ‘subji’ in hostel kitchens, college and corporate canteens, and many households are preparing using the ‘Masala -ae- Magic’. It worth rs 5 as per the ad it is offering iron, iodine, and also vitamin A. This ad is helping to catch the attention of customers and the audience. The arrival of the instant Maggi and noodles and the other instant food products from Nestle is urging the Indian audience to cook and eat within minutes. It offers and promises a bundle of flavorsome products.

The recent ad of Nestle is very simple and short and conveying the message within seconds. And at the same time, the ads are trying to cover the details and specialty of Maggie Masala’s magic within that short period. By the introduction of the paneer, spice mixes called ‘Paneer — ae- Magic’ Maggi strengthened its cooking aids portfolio. It happened in the last week of January 2021. Maggi Masala Magic is revealing the secret ingredients of Maggi. The ads are the strong instrument Maggie noodles that help to reach out the mind of a different audience. It becomes one of the favorite cooking recipes of kids, adults, and even mothers also. The most important feature is the serving of tasty and flavored food within minutes effortlessly.

(This article was originally published in Passionate in marketing.)

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