‘Make It Yours’: Personalization app by Royal Enfield

Royal Enfield is an Indian multinational motorcycle manufacturing company and it has introduced the first kind of its motorcycle personalization service which is an app, ‘ Make It Yours’ it is also a website. This application provides buyers to personalize their motorcycles at the time of their purchase. It will allow customers access to thousands of possible combinations in personalization options with a variety of innovative choices.

The company declares that the Make-It-Yours or MiY app will permit the buyers to access thousands of possible combinations of colors and graphics at the time of motorcycle booking. Buyers can also see the delivery statistics of their motorcycle on their ‘Make it yours’ app.

About the launch of the Make It Yours app, Vinod K. Dasari, CEO of Royal Enfield comment that, With MiY, customers will get a small version of them because it is made as per the customers wish. Motorcycles will be custom-made, as per consumer specification, within 1 to 2 days, at their manufacturing plant in Chennai.

The company decides to introduce MiY for all their motorcycles, across all the stores in the country in a phased mode. All new motorcycle models from Royal Enfield, from here on, will come with the various ‘Make it yours’ style. The various choices are about its color, trims, and graphics, and also real motorcycle accessories at the time of motorcycle booking.

Additionally, the MiY app will also provide customers with an extended warranty and annual maintenance contract packages.

In the initial phase, MiY with the 3D configurator will be rolled on the Royal Enfield app which is available on online app stores and the automaker’s website.

The new MiY with the 3D Configurator will be available on the Royal Enfield smartphone application for both Android Google Play Store and iOS — Apple’s App Store, the company website, as well as the official dealerships.

This App enables customers to book their motorcycle, and even place a service application digitally. According to the company announcement, the launch of the new ‘MiY on the Royal Enfield App with 3D configurator takes the digital experience to the next level.’ Moreover, it will increase the satisfaction level of customers.

(This article was originally published in Passionate in Marketing.)

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