Max Life Insurance, ‘India ke Bharose ka number’

Max Life Insurance, India’s top priority insurance company joins hands with Boman Irani in their campaign to give out the company’s true meaning, The company promises to be there for everyone who claims for help.

Max Life Insurance company, an insurance company, is a joint venture between Max India Ltd and Axis Bank. The insurance which was founded in 2001, has all types of insurance policies with it and is the largest non-bank private-sector life insurer in India.

Max Life Insurance in its new campaign, ‘India ke Bharose ka number’, pulls in Bomani Irani for the ad. The ad educates the viewers on so many things that we have been unaware of.

Max Life insurance, in this new and exciting campaign, tries to highlight how the company’s performance has been lately. The film or ad conceptualized by Sonal Dabral’s Tribha showcases what Max Life Insurance stands for.

In the ad we see Boman Irani playing various roles. In the beginning, we see him cooing and helping out his wife, and shows us how he indeed is playing the role of a partner. We then see Boman playing Basketball with his daughter and maintaining his role as her best friend.

We then see a Boman playing the role of a motivator for his son, who is experimenting with his science project. Eventually, we see how Boman is being the trustable man for the family as a whole.

The ad is trying to symbolize the role of Boman, the father, to the workings of Max Life Insurance, which is to be easily relied on, trusted on and dependent on during tough times. The symbolism is indeed enlightening.

When life gets hard, heavy, and unpredictable Max life insurance can always make it easier. They prove this with an interesting fact. The company’s recent claims paid ratio has been 99.35%. This means for every 100 claims for insurance 99.35 of the claims were accepted.

The figure is extremely satisfying and enlightening. The country has seen a lot of downs for the past two years, yet people were able to rely on Max Life Insurance due to their tireless work which should be acknowledged.

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(This article was originally published in Passionate in Marketing)

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