New neural networks by Tesla — Case study

Tesla is an American electric vehicle and cleans energy company famous for its inventions and innovations introduced in various sectors. It is one of the companies that have contributed largely to technological development on a global level.

Lately, Tesla filed a patent for ‘ Systems and methods for adapting a neural network on a hardware platform ‘. The patent stated the systems and methods of operation to select a neural network model with a configuration that satisfies all.

But let’s first understand what neural networks are. Neural networks refer to the set of algorithms underlying the relationship among data on the internet. With these data, they mimic the operations of the human brain and take decisions accordingly. These networks are neurons that could be artificial or organic in nature.

The patent mentions constraints which are regarding the epitome that calculates the list of valid configurations and constraint solver to categorize for the particular platform in order for the neural network to run efficiently.

During the process of adapting software, a programmer must decide the suitable ones that can fit the hardware options. Each option requires research, hardware document review, and impact analysis, and with each option selected there is a configuration which in turn connects to a neural network system to be used. With Tesla’s neural network model, these options are called vital points and they are necessary.

Neural network models are being increasingly used these days for the simplified data conclusions it can make according to the training we provide on different hyperparameters. These are used to evaluate different problems in different circumstances because of the ease at which they can label and classify data. With the current performance, a neural network is set for future-use so as to estimate progress.

They also stated that the system and methods travel across the neural networks to decide on the valid configuration suitable to an application and network constraints. However, this occurs only after properly analyzing and placing the constraint satisfaction solver to remove the obstacle and configure it smoothly. Tesla creates an era for artificial intelligence to rise and help human side-by-side towards an innovative global system

(This article was originally published in Passionate in Analytics.)

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