No aim of slow down fixing minimum and national floor wages

The ministry of labour pointed out that the government has no aim to slow down the fixing of minimum wages and national floor wages. Because at the beginning of this month the centre formed a group of experts under the chairmanship of Ajit Mishra, the economist. It was constituted to give practical inputs and guidance on fixing the minimum wages and national floor wages. The tenure of the group is three years. And the period of this group is three years.

The explanation occurs among reports that constituting a group of experts on the issue with a three-year tenure is a way to delay the fixing of minimum wages and national floor wages. In 2019, the provision of minimum wages given in the labour code on wages was passed. That is about the supply of minimum wages. And the provisions of the Minimum Wages Act currently apply to the workers in scheduled employment such as mining, plantations and services etc. The main objective behind this wage code is to assure the “right to sustenance” for every worker and lengthen the legislative protection of minimum wage to 100% of the country’s 50-crore human resources from the current 40%.

The ministry of labour pointed out the period of the expert group is three years in an official statement. And it was observed that certain parts of the press and several stakeholders have the judgement that the expert group constituted as a trial to slow down the fixation of national floor wages and minimum wages by the government. But later it was cleared

Then the ministry of labour mentioned the RSS. That ministry declared that in the constitution of the panel, Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS)-affiliated Bharatiya Mazdoor Sangh (BMS) is the country’s largest trade union, and flayed the move. And on the last day the BMS general secretary Binoy Kumar Sinha spoke to Union Labour Minister Santosh Kumar Gangwar that the labours across the country are feeling avoided today that’s the government has not been competent to lead about a swap in minimum wages in the last seven years and another three years for the accomplishment of this report would mean an end of the current government’s current tenure as well. Many trade unions also criticised the government for this action of slowing down on the execution of the provision.

However, the government declared that the period of the panel has been retained as three years so that even after the fixation of minimum wages and national floor wages, the government may search for technical inputs or guidance from the expert group on issues related to national floor wages and minimum wages, as and when needed. And they pointed out that the initial meeting of this group was held on June 14 and the second meeting is organised for June 29.

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(This article was originally published in Passionate in Marketing)

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