‘Sawaal Desh Ki Sehat Ka’ marketing campaign by Tata salt

Tata Salt- India’s first national branded iodized salt is also appreciated as the ‘Desh Ka Namak’. Every grain of Tata salt assures purity and the right amount of iodine. Tata salt has introduced its newest integrated marketing campaign, ‘Sawaal Desh Ki Sehat Ka’. The TVC is an expansion to the last-running ‘Sawaal Kijiye Apne Namak Se’ campaign.

The central intention of this campaign is to increase awareness of iodine and its importance as a micronutrient in the proper mental development of children. The company repeats the main feature of the brand and the importance of iodine through this campaign, and the lack of iodine leads to bigger societal or health issues in the country.

The main objective of this campaign is to produce knowledge of Iodine and its importance as a micronutrient in the proper mental development of children. The campaign is conceptualized by Ogilvy and is based on two aspects, children continually asking questions, and the increasing predominance of digital online mediums in the world we live in today.

Namrata Keswani, head of digital domain, Ogilvy Mumbai speaking on the campaign that the reason behind this campaign was clear. The product message that ‘purity test’ engagingly reaches the consumer’s mind and make try it themselves at home.

The TVC describes a young, curious child who constantly asks answers from her AI device. When she sees her father cooking and seasoning the food, she asks to the device that why there is iodine in salt. The AI immediately answers, “Tata Namak mein hai sahi matra mein Iodine, aur Iodine bacchon ko sharp rakhta hai”.

The film is universal in its application, as most people would have come across children who frequently ask countless, intelligent questions that frequently leave them astonished and this campaign is the answer to these questions. Being curious is one of the signs of intelligence in children, and in this film, the girl has a lot of questions and the ‘internet aunty’ replying to her questions.

About this campaign Richa Arora, president, packaged foods, India, Tata Consumer Products- comment that today’s children are very curious, and this is very relatable behavior for every parent, and people in general.

(This article was originally published in Passionate in Marketing.)

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