Speedcast globally take on Nokia’s private wireless solutions

Speedcast International Limited is the leading communication and IT service provider announces its long-term partnership with Nokia for the assumption of its industrial-grade private wireless solutions globally via Nokia Digital Automation Cloud.

Through this new collaboration Speedcast is providing data, remote backhaul, and voice connectivity to enterprise customers, wrapping areas of up to a radius of 30 KM, and holding up hundreds of users from a single cell. The network will also carry the critical high-bandwidth application with low latency specifications.

Based on the partnership, Stephan Litjens, GM — Digital Automation at Nokia stated that while connecting a wide variety of devices Nokia digital automation cloud links up stringent requirements across different industries to provide capacity, network coverage, mobility, reliability quality of services, and security. By partnership with the SpeedCast, Nokia can significantly enhance local connectivity in remote locations.

Nokia’s 5G-ready Digital Automation Platform delivers industrial-grade high-bandwidth private wireless networks for both outdoors and deep indoors which is to increase the efficiency and productivity for industry verticals, inclusive of manufacturing, mining, supply chain, utilities, oil and gas, also, large enterprise composite outside of standard cellular connectivity.

Integrating the power of the Nokia Digital Automation Cloud with Speedcast core connectivity options which inclusive of C-band, Ku-band, Ka-band, MEO, and LEO backhaul that will expand the reach of several Speedcast products such as:

  • Speedcast IoT Solutions: with LTE-enabled devices solutions from the Speedcast IoT portfolio, customers can ideally connect to headquarter locations and the Internet.
  • Speedcast Speedtalk: the Speedtalk voice app enables users to capture live footage from remote sites and allows instant communications with remote teams.
  • IPTV: the Nokia Private LTE solution will also deliver a higher bandwidth capacity for Speedcast’s IPTV solutions to handheld devices.

Nokia is a plug-and-play platform optimized for low latency and ultra-reliability, which are critical factors for remote communication, said Chriss Hill, Chief Technology Officer at SpeedCast.

Leading this technology to the customer of remote sites will allow the use of bandwidth-intensive, and low latency such as drone surveillance, CCTV video analytics, and personal push to video application. This is a game-changer for customers who want to keep personnel safe and operations running successfully hard to read locations such as the energy and mining sectors.

(This article was originally published in Passionate in Analytics.)